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Sales price: 1047,00 €


•H.264 Video Compression •Support CMS (Central Management System)/ 3GPP •Recording quality/ rate adjustment per channel available •Audio Backup / Audio Streaming •Graphic User Interface ( GUI ) •Mouse/ IR Remote Controller Support •USB Back Up/ Firmware Update •Support time-point backup function under Ethernet remote control mode •User can select any time period to process backup from remote side •Support time-search & event-search function under Ethernet remote control mode •Up to four online clients for independent remote control; individual Live-time, Play-back & Time-search available •Support PPPoE/Static/DHCP IP & DDNS •Real Triplex, recording/ live-time & playback operation at the same time available •ID Function Supplied from Remote Controller. User can control different DVRs by one Remote Controller at the same time


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